Where is Hazza’s tattoo?

I just watched again the official video of kiss you, and when I looked at Harry I was pretty confused…where is his birds tattoo?

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E primul meu fanfic si inca e incomplet dar va rog sa aruncati, totusi o privire. Va multumesc! xoxo

When i’m late for school


Teacher : you’re a little late.
Me : i’m already torn
Teacher : what ? Shut the door.
Me : turn the lights off
Teacher : stop it !
Me : i’ll never stop, you know i’ll take you to another world
Teacher : get out !
Me : get out, get out, get out of my head

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my favorite thing in the world.

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Interviewer: “Do you have any phobias?”

Lou: ”Growing up.”

Oh, Lou, you will always be our little boy :) 

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…. Has he not figured out we’re like the FBI?


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